10 Of the Most Effortless Wash and Go Haircuts/Hairstyles for Women

Last Updated: September 2 ,2017

Wash and Go hairstyles includes all hair lengths and they can be in various shapes and styles. We got a peek at 10 of the most effortless wash and go haircuts/hairstyles that will allow you to look amazing without spending a lot of time from your hectic schedule.

Almost all hairstyles that require only a few minutes to create can be considered as a wash and go hairstyles. These can also include adorable up-styles, simple braids as well as ponytails.

Just before getting your haircut, tell your hairstylist that you prefer it to be an effortless wash and go haircut. So the stylist will pay more attention towards your natural hair texture, or your hair type and regardless if there are any issues regarding the direction of your hair that are as a result of hair whorls, likewise known as cowlicks. The fresh haircut must incorporate each of the assorted elements and the natural fall & flow of your tresses, so as that you don’t need to struggle it.

1). Ear- to Chin-Length Haircut:


An excellent short haircut is always a wash and go look. It is even simple to maintain and also remarkably versatile. Make use of mild shampoo as required because short hairdos are capable of regular rinsing, particularly if you have a greasy scalp. Enhance your short hair with a mild conditioner, anything quite moisturizing can flatten hair or make them appear dull. Use a mild leave-in conditioner a couple of days every week and allow the hair dry naturally to keep them healthier.

Limit the usage of heat styling products to just 2 or 3 times per week, and maintain sessions shorter. If you want to style your super short hair you can style them by applying some mousse to your washed and damp hair and then comb. Using a comb create a deep side-parted look and smooth out the side where there is more hair and tuck hair in at the back of your ears and let your hair air-dry.

2). Feathered Cut with Side-Swept Bangs:


To get a really dazzling effect, experience this short feathery look. Wispy lines throughout and layers all over get this short hairstyle easy to carry as well as manageable and just the appropriate match for every occasion. This wash and go hairstyle is required your less time and has a clean stylish appeal devoid of lacking in the trendy category.

An angled side part made the heavy side fringe and yet maintains the level of hair well-balanced on each side. Curves are loads from the top of the head to ends and the texture at the ends make it really easy to usually have the most suitable styling. A sunny, smoky brown hair shade holds things spicy and grounded.

3). Classic Bob Haircut:

Blunt haircut along with bangs, that’s how all of us fell in love with the look of the classic bob. This is an all-time loved hairstyle that never goes out of style and is even beautiful to the best of its various cutting-edge shapes. Clipped just beneath the chin that it embrace the face and is completely a hairstyle you want to look perfect at every age.

This little shorter haircut creates a major effect and is unexpectedly very easy to maintain. Needless to say, you must have a routine trim to hold the unbent lines in great shape, but is not it worth the effort?

4). A Short 5 Minutes Hairstyle:

Short hair is super easy to deal with and a wash and go look that doesn’t require your quite much time for maintenance and styling. This hairstyle is the best example as it is classy as well as require less styling. If you want to style this look in the best way follow these few steps. Make the impression of an updo only by the addition of a hair accent. Spread mousse throughout your damp hair with your fingers or a comb. Use a dryer to quickly dry your damp hair and after that run your fingers through your hair to tousle them. Place a slender headband one to two inches back to the hair.

Or you can cover the hairline using a wider band to cover up the oily roots. If your hair is too silky you can add some volume to them by teasing your hair at the crown or behind the hair band it will also stop the hairband from sliding down. Add some shine to the ends of the hair with a styling cream.

5). Short Sleek & Slinky Hair:


Have a look at these loose waves at the ends! The silky and gradual flow of the golden short hair provide a face-framing effect. The waves carry in a harmonious flow and the highlight of this hairstyle is the outward curls in long as well as textured ends that add slinky and sleek lightness into the bob shape that’s at the base of this look.

The outward flick changes the round, nearly bowl shape, perfectly into a tulip shape and beautifully elongates the face. The color of the hair is a most enchanting sandy blonde that features understated high and low lights so it can have a rather natural look.

6). Medium Length Straight Hair:

Long hair comes with the most hairstyling options, and it is low-maintenance which means that you can go a couple of months between trims. However, keeping the hair equally moist is vital. Try to avoid shampooing your hair too much, that may cause dryness and damaged ends, 2 to 3 days every week is sufficient. Work with a deep conditioner after shampooing, and spread it from the ears down to the tips.

Use a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis (you’ll be able to use other styling products straight on it). the easiest way to styling your straight haircut is to use some mousse to your damp hair, then twist your hair into 3 loose buns, take a blow dryer and dry your hair for nearly 10 minutes, when you are done take your hair loose. By doing so, your hair will get plenty of volume.

7). Sleek Back Ponytail:

Ponytails are still rocking this and this hairstyle never gets old. This is a perfect wash and go look that will not require your much time in styling. Give your simple ponytail look shine and elegance with a quick twist. Make a center part that is over three inches in length. To get volume over the top, lift that portion up, spray it using a hair spray, and then dry hair with a hair dryer (or you can simply tease that section a bit).

Tie all of your hair into a high ponytail and use an elastic to secure it. Take out a small section of hair out of the underside of the ponytail, wrap that section around the base to conceal elastic, and use a hairpin to secure the end.

8). Shoulder Length Fluffy Curly Look:


These medium length curls are as appealing as a scoop filled with freshly whipped cream. Styling this look it’ll not matter much what you dress in, you’ll be flawless in cut-off jeans or perhaps dressed in your glamorous gown. In this hairstyle, hair is layered in the low inches to get the rounded texture along with a polished top area.

The look and the color seem quite natural and understated. This hairstyle will be going to fit with your naturally curly hair.

9). One Length Straight Haircut:


Thin hair texture has a tough time keeping up the volume, so rather than struggling to get volume with many layers as well as using styling products, opt for a fast and easy, one-length haircut. You can create a center part or a side part with this hairstyle. And use a shine serum to add extra gloss to your hair.

10). Smooth Short Hair:

This new look for short haircut is smooth, sleek and completely polished in its simple lines which create an extremely attractive shape. The side-parted style adds a lot of the volume to a single side whereas a delicate graduation boosts the volume.

The apparent outline is refined and shows a perfect sense of style and fashion. The overall appearance of this haircut is casual but sophisticated.

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10 Of the Most Effortless Wash and Go Haircuts/Hairstyles for Women

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